After years of contemplating whether or not to write my story, my memoir, I made the choice to go forward with it. In 2017 I joined The Narrative Project (then known as Memory Into Memoir) with Cami Ostman as my mentor and coach. The 9 month program was a huge commitment. Not so much time wise, more emotionally and mentally. Uncovering and confronting my personal demons also known as ‘inner critics’ quickly came to the fore front. A worthwhile process ensued resulting in re-directing my inner self to be a help and not a hindrance, 10’s of thousands of words on the page towards my future book, writerly relationships established, constructive and positive criticism digested, and a foundation to work from in order to write my book. The end result was a chapter published in the Anthology, True Stories Vol. 1 (see link below to purchase your copy).

During the pandemic in 2020 I spent a great deal of time reading and writing. I joined The Narrative Projects’ Rock Your Revisions late 2020 and completed the nine month program in June 2021. My goal is to have my manuscript draft finished early 2022 and then begin the revisions process. The writing process is similar to the journey of life, the road you begin on isn’t always the one you finish on. 

True Stories Vol. 4 is published!!! There will be a virtual book launch with all Authors reading from their chapter. Stay tuned for details…

If you are thinking about writing your story (or a novel) comment or send me a message. Us writers must stick together!


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