Okay, so I will admit that poem was lame. At least by my standards it was. I had to try something different. I have never been a poem writer. I was sitting here thinking one day about what to write and it came to mind that I should write a poem. Lots of people do it so why shouldn’t I? Well, I know why. It’s not my thing.

Last night we had one of our Pastors and his family over for dinner. It was his birthday. Before we ate I said we should pray. Tom elected that I pray. And so I did. Later he told me that it was a great Prayer. He said I was a natural. I accepted the compliment and had a conversation with myself. You know, the ones where you talk to yourself silently and respond to yourself. I think my prayer was so good (at least in my husband’s opinion) because I am a speaker by nature. I have no problem getting up in front of a group small or large and speaking. Of course I prefer to know at least something about the topic that I am to speak about. Speaking in front of people does not rattle me the way it does a good portion of people. I think I write much like I speak. Off the cuff. Off the top of my head. Basically what comes to mind.

I think that is why I have always liked blogging. Writing a blog to me is much like having a conversation with myself. Putting my thoughts onto paper so to speak. It is then that I wonder what could I write that would be more than a blog but would fit with my style of writing. I have yet to figure that one out. Until I do I will lay off of the poem writing. I promise.

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