I guess I was supposed to edit this first post when I created the blog. Oops!

I love to write. Well, at least I love to think about writing. I have long desired to write a book. I have no idea what I want to write about. When I see a good movie or read a great article or hear an intriguing story I often feel this sudden explosive desire to write. Sometimes in the middle of a movie I will be sitting there itching the whole time to get in front of a computer because I feel this suddent burning from within to write something. the odd thing is when I do get in front of the computer later I am uncertain about what to write. In the moment I fetl creative, excited, inspired and ready to put something on paper. I wonder what it was……..This has happened to me for years.

In the past I remember sitting down and writing poems. There was a time when I used to write lyrics to songs. My first husband liked to compose music. So often times I would write lyrics. It was pretty cool actually and a lot of fun. I didn’t know if I was any good at it as it never went anywhere. Nevertheless it was a way to write. When my daughter was young I home schooled her. During that time I joined home school mom groups online. I used to write a lot of posts on community message boards and that led to my first blog. It has since gone out to cyberspace as I lost track of the blog, log-in and all that necessary information to find it. Then there was a time when I tried my hand at writing a children’s story. I still have a draft of a story in my filing cabinet. Not sure if I am ever going to do anything with it, but who knows! More recently I have spent time writing a real estate blog where I blog about the market, things to do with buying and selling real estate and then the random post about my family as well. That blog led me to start yet another blog where I could write about anything that came to mind, here.

And so it is that my writing journey began. I believe it will be a long road with many twists and turns. Who knows where it will lead or what will come of it. If you like, sit back, snuggle up and prepare yourself to be a part of this journey. Much like a train in Europe you can jump on and off whenever you like.

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