The second writing prompt at Writing For The Moment today was a poem entitled Fisherman’s Warf. I got hung up on a particular line about Canadian Geese. I start this writing with that quote…..


“Canadian Geese, majestic, long-necked cruisers”. Like an unknown lover who stands tall, dark and handsome at the back of the room. His dark eyes piercing through the space and crowd between you drawing you towards him. He is kind and quiet. His words are soft and carefully chosen. At times he seems aloof, uninterested in you, which only makes you want to capture his attention all the more. Look at me, talk to me, want me, love me. Tell me I am enough, all that you ever hoped for and dreamed of. Stay with me now and for always. Day in and day out you long for his presence. Just to see him even for but a few fleeting moments to gaze upon his majestic beauty. To watch his graceful movements, to sit patiently while he works or eats or rests. Then the moment arrives when the beauty fades away. The soft gentle voice and sweet words have turned into a loud harsh honking, full of reprimands and disapproval. The wings of protection flap wildly taking out whatever, whomever gets in his way. No longer is he a beautiful unknown lover across the room.No, he has reduced himself to nothing more than a shitting goose eating and destroying every last bit of green life before him. Leaving gallons and gallons of his toxic waste in a lingering, never ending trail behind him over and over again.

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