I have sat with this book in front of me, next to me, within eyesight for three days. To write a review or not, that is the question I wrestled with. The battle was real. I cannot write a true review as I have read but 90 of the over 200 pages. And yet, maybe that is the review. I was unable, unwilling to continue reading for the sake of finishing the book.

A writer myself, it pains me to type this. How would I feel if someone were to post, for all to see, that they were unable, unwilling to read my words to the end, as bitter as it may be. First of all, I do not have a full book in print as of yet, for one to read, let alone review. And second, who am I to think that my review bears weight of any kind to another auther. (cue laughter)

I love to read and am reading a large amount of books as of late. Mostly memoir, but not entirely. I throw in a bit of fiction and creative nonfiction as well. I’d love to read a book per week, which could be possible if the book met my longing. I long for a book to grab hold of me, so much so, I hate to put it down. I want to find myself reading at night until the black type blurs turning to grey as it mixes with the whiteness of the page it sits on. To wake in the morning rushing through my responsibilities sneaking 5 minutes here and there with the book, Each turn of the page better than the one before.

Five Men Who Broke My heart was not to be, not for me. I was intrigued by the idea of a woman going back to meet, find, connect with the men who had first captured her heart before breaking it. I made it through the chance meet up with #1 and #2 with great effort and a bit of skin reading here and there. I kept waiting for that moment when the story would grab hold of me and pull me throught to the end. After 7 chapters, more than I give most books, it just wasn’t doing it.

That said, I can’t tell you if the book is good, great, or terribly bad. All I can say is, it wasn’t for me. Each relationship, her current the two from the past I made it through, were bland. They lacked energy, drama, excitement, whatever it might take to reel me in for the long haul. Each time I closed the book, it was without hesitation. Not even the slight sense of reluctance of needing to move on to a different task. I wanted to finish it, as I hate to quit. I couldn’t do it. I have officially let it go. Closed the book for the final time.

Tomorrow I will return it to the library.

I am left with this question:

If I do not finish the book, do I still click the ‘Have Read’ on Good Reads?

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