A friend of mine posted that she has accepted a 31 Day Challenge. It’s a writing challenge actually. Apparently it’s not new. In fact this is the 8th year this particular site has had this challenge. The challenge starts on October 1st and runs through October 31st. When you accept the challenge you agree to write every day for 31 days on a specific topic you have chosen. Not a different topic every day, but instead something in regards to the same topic every day. I guess in some ways that makes it easy and in some ways it makes it difficult. On the one hand you might think you would run out of things to say about the same topic day after day over the course of 31 days. On the other hand sticking to the same topic means you do not waste time each day determining the basis of your writing. It can also help you go more in depth rather than just touching the surface of a particular topic. I was intrigued by this challenge for many reasons. The most obvious being that I love to write and am always saying that I need to get back to writing. I complain (let’s be honest here, it is complaining) that I do not have or make time each day to write and I wish I could/would. I have promised myself repeatedly that I would make it a priority only to fail time and time again. It always seems there is something else that requires my attention that I deem more important. Another reason I am intrigued is that it gives me a reason to write every day. I mean, who doesn’t love a challenge? If I am challenged to do it then I have to do it! I’m not doing it for me, I’m doing it to fulfill the challenge! The fact that the challenge website gave category and topic suggestions made it all the more easy for me. I perused the ideas and past year bloggers and immediately felt inspired. In a matter of what felt like seconds I knew my topic would be, Discovering Me in 31 Days. The topic is focused enough being about myself and yet broad enough because, who am I anyway? Maybe each day I will ask myself a question and write out the response. Or maybe I will share experiences from the past that have molded and shaped who I am today. Or maybe I will contemplate what hasn’t been, what could be if only and what I would do or be if only there were no limits. The options are endless and only limited by me, my imagination, the time, effort and thought I am willing to put into it. I contemplated joining the challenge through the website as my friend is doing. In order to do so you needed to sign up, create a linky thing that is a button people (other writers) can click on that directs them directly to your 31 days of blogs, and then link up on October 1 and begin writing. Each day that you write you copy and paste the latest days writing to the linky thing so people can read just those posts on your blog. I headed down the road to create the linky thing and determined that part wasn’t for me. Instead I will just write on here for 31  days in the same spirit of sticking to one topic and doing it daily. The hope is not only to discover me but to also begin a habit of daily writing that will lead to a book or two that I have always wanted to write. So, let the journey begin a day or two early as I embark upon Discovering Me in the next 31 (or 35 days).

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