Kristi Lyn Reddy

Finding my voice, one pink elephant at a time.

Creating space where honesty, although difficult to speak, write about or listen to, is welcome. Sharing my truth, allowing healing – from what binds us, withholds us, continues the cycle of fear, pain, shame and trauma – to begin. 


Telling our stories, first to ourselves and then to each other and the world, is a Revolutionary Act. ~Janet Mock


After a life of hiding the truth to protect the ones she loved, Kristi Lyn Reddy found breaking her silence was the only way to set herself free, heal from her past, and reconcile her belief in God. Through therapy came healing, understanding and courage – to speak the truth, and write about it. 

Work in Progress

In That’s NOT Okay! readers embark upon a journey following a gregarious ginger who becomes a submissive Proverbs 31 wife, to the brink of suicide and ultimately at death’s door by the hands of her husband. In a now or never moment, she flees, taking her 10 year old daughter with her, revealing the secrets that held her captive and challenged her belief in God.

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Every child deserves a chance.

Someone to believe in them; nurture their inner potential; provide a healthy environment for success.

Be their opportunity.



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52 Weeks of Prayer

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Back Together for the Holidays

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I often hear people proclaim, "I have no regrets!" or, "I live life without regrets." As if having regrets is a bad thing, a disappointment, something to be ashamed of. When I looked up the word regret here is what I found: v. to feel sorry, repentant or upset aboutv....

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